Tasting of Slovenian boutique wines

Tasting of Slovenian boutique wines in Skaručna Gourmet Club wine cellar

For all those, who want to spice up their tourist program for foreign and domestic guests. We can present your group of guests the richness of Slovenian wine making in one place and in a very short time. With the guidance from the author of the wine “gallery” – the wine cellar offering Slovenian boutique wines, your guests will have the opportunity to meet a genuine Slovenian culinary master, oenologist and enthusiast, the gourmand and chef Marko Žagar. He is the own who chose, with love and knowledge, the bouquet of Slovenian wines in our wine cellar – the best among the best, representatives from all wine-growing areas, i.e. the coastland, Karst, Bizeljsko, Styria, Lower Carniola and others, in their masterful combinations and variations. Your guests will experience a palette of rich flavours and bouquets, which can only be offered by Slovenian wine-growing areas. The best thing is that in just two hours your guests will experience everything they would enjoy on a day-long trip through Slovenian wine cellars.

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