Gourmet experience

A culinary experience

Our monthly culinary events, each titled a Culinary Experience, are the central offer of the Skaručna Gourmet Club. 

A Culinary Experience is not an ordinary dinner or cooking lesson. It is world-class cuisine combined with enjoyable learning
and a social experience in a home-like atmosphere. The flavours of excellent culinary heritage which is reflected on your plate
are prepared both for and together with our guests. Under the careful eye of the chef Marko Žagar, you will be actively involved
in the process of preparing various Slovene delicacies. You will be involved in acquiring new cooking knowledge, from learning
basics to small tricks and skills that make food particularly tasty and pleasing to the eye. 

You will learn about the recipes of delicacies that you will later be able to prepare at home. There is no static sitting around and waiting
to be served. Cooking in a group is a bonding experience for guests that creates a domestic and relaxed atmosphere.
Why only swirl spoons in the kitchen? Music will liven up the event and make you swirl too. Because the party may last late into the night,
you can stay in one of our seven rooms at the top floor of the Skaručna Gourmet Club. World-class food, excellent wine, good company,
and good party – all this is entailed in a Culinary Experience at the Skaručna Gourmet Club.

Traditional Slovene guest-house atmosphere

The event takes place in a Slovene guest house atmosphere which is the essence of Slovene culinary heritage and customs.
The main space, where it all happens, is something between a kitchen and dining room. It is a large and pleasant room with a stove
and wood-burning furnace, shelves stacked with various spices, and cooking utensils. There is a special place with long tables rich
stacked with fresh ingredients for preparing first-rate meals.
There are work corners for creating these dishes set up on every edge of each of the tables.

An excellent gourmet experience with more than a dozen dishes

Enjoy this gourmet experience with more than a dozen dishes in one evening. We select food from the abundant Slovenian heritage by also
taking into account the season or occasion. We make sure to use ingredients that are available according to season – the way that it was done
by our ancestors. Usually, multiple cold and warm appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts are prepared.
Select wines by Slovene wine-makers are also a tradition in the Slovenian cuisine.
These wines are carefully selected by chef Marko and offered to visitors in a traditional fashion – they can pour it themselves directly from the barrels.

Vine experience and Vine cellar

At the Skaručna Gourmet Club, we know that each drop of wine is the result of hard work, love, and extensive knowledge, so we appreciate wine and respect
all wine makers, experts and connoisseurs. We enjoy good wine and make efforts to increase the level of wine-drinking culture.
The Skaručna Gourmet Club has a spacious and architecturally sound wine cellar, suitable for socialising and enjoying a glass of good wine.

The cellar does not only have an excellent atmosphere; its content is also impressive. Wines of the best Slovene wine-makers are available.
You can taste them or take them home at the same price you would pay at the wine-maker.

The Gourmet Club wine cellar is introducing a novelty in the wine offer on the Slovene market – a wine bank. Here, you can store your favourite wines by hiring
your own wine safe. We guarantee your wines will be adequately and safely stored at a suitable temperature and humidity and available for you to either take
home or drink when you hire our facilities. Furthermore, our cellar is a location for special events at which guests taste wines, enjoy themselves and learn new things. 

We meet world-class Slovene wine-makers and we taste and learn about their best wines and special wine-making procedures. We also invite trained wine tasters t
o teach about the quality, clarity and numerous other features of first-rate wine. Since we know that only carefully selected wine can elevate a dish to another level
of gourmet experience, we also meet up with sommeliers who teach how food and wine complement each other.

An all-inclusive culinary experience

Our events follow the all-inclusive principle. The price includes all food and drinks consumed at the event.
It is a priceless experience where you can learn about new culinary knowledge and tricks.
The essence of the event is top-notch gourmet experience. The Skaručna Gourmet Club members receive a 20% discount on all events.
Also, they have access to some events that are organised exclusively for members. To become our member, click here.