Event organization

Celebrations and parties

An unforgettable celebration and the best party

Invite your guests to an unforgettable celebration and treat yourself to a carefree day!

We will prepare an exceptional culinary experience for you and your guests.
The celebration will be interesting, relaxed, and carefree – even for the host. In the company of chef Marko Žagar,
your guests will be able to create culinary specialities (if they want to, of course), learn various cooking tricks,
and spend an incredibly great time. Next, you will indulge in the Slovene gourmet specialities you've prepared and
enjoy an unforgettable party with good wine and music.

No more boring conversations – it is time to cook, enjoy each other's company, and party. 
May your celebration be a true Culinary Experience, and may the satisfied guests be our present to you.
The romantic, rustic ambience is also suitable for weddings and other landmark celebrations.
Tell us your expectations and we will organise an unforgettable day for.

A culinary boat experience

In the summer, the Culinary Experience events are moved to the Adriatic Sea.
They each entail an offshore culinary experience and a gourmet boat party.
Enjoy the nice weather, pleasant company, and the smell of fresh sea specialities

Join us and stay on the both until the sunset, enjoying good wine.