Culinary teambuilding


Invite your employees or business partners to an unforgettable culinary experience in a relaxed and informal atmosphere of a wonderful
restaurant-like ambience.Culinary challenges are a creative form of socialising which enhances trust, and the teamwork in the kitchen
bonds the participants into a true team.

After you have completed the challenge, you will be able to taste world-class flavours of the prepared masterpieces and continue
to enjoy the pleasant company late into the evening.The event will begin with an introductory workshop where you will get familiar
with genuine local ingredients, discover the mysteries of traditional Slovenian cuisine, and learn some cooking tricks and skills. 

Next, there will be a cooking challenge – how to prepare a traditional Slovenian delicacy as a team.

You will select your leader, divide the necessary roles, plan your work, and try to find culinary solutions. Who will turn out to be the real
boss when you and your co-workers find yourselves in the kitchen? Chef Marko Žagar will be available for you with advice and ideas
the entire time. Together, we will prepare 12–17 different dishes in a rustic Slovenian kitchen. 

You will embark on your culinary adventures in suitable attire.

We will prepare special Skaručna Gourmet Club aprons for you: If desired, we can brand them the logo of your company and the name
of the participant. After you've completed the challenge, we will complement your enjoyment of good food with a glass
of excellent wine and music.

If the cooking and partying makes you tired, we can also provide accommodation in the rooms on the upper floor
of the Skaručna Gourmet Club building.

Rested and richer for new experience, culinary knowledge and skills, you will return to your job full of culinary impressions.
We believe the culinary team-building will be the main topic of conversation among your co-workers for a long time to come.