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Dear Sir/Madam!

We turn to you with the intention to draw your attention and stir your interest with a unique offer for increasing your customers' satisfaction. We believe that you hold an enviable position in the field of Slovenian tourism, which is evident from a large number of tempting tourist opportunities you offer with one main purpose, i.e. to attract as many customers as possible and offer them an unforgettable experience. Since we are also aware that the growth of each company depends on the variety of added value and on the ability to offer something new and different, we decided to contact you. We want to use this opportunity and take a step forward and present ourselves and help you enrich numerous trips you organise around Slovenia with a complete culinary experience. 

Skaručna Gourmet Club is an association which makes effort to preserve the Slovenian culinary heritage founded by the renowned Slovenian chef Marko Žagar. It is located not far from the Slovenian capital, and close to the most beautiful places and popular tourist attractions in the beautiful village Skaručna under Šmarna Gora Hill. As passionate advocates for Slovenian traditional cuisine, we have been working hard for over a decade to preserve Slovenian traditional dishes and bring the Slovenian cuisine closer to our guests in a more entertaining and interesting way through diverse gourmet adventures.

Our wish and greatest passion is to maintain and raise the level of Slovenian culture through traditionally prepared dishes, and offer our guest the opportunity to participate actively in cooking lunch or dinner and thus teach them how to prepare Slovenian delicacies. It is a culinary experience in a rustic rural kitchen that will not be forgotten.

We want to share our culinary world with others because we respect the fact that Slovenian cuisine offers the very top of gourmet pleasures. We proudly support makers of premium Slovenian wines, which is why the Skaručna Gourmet Club has a richly stocked wine cellar, i.e. so we can spread the voice of excellent Slovenian wines.

Gourmet delights include a juicy lunch with a rich table of cold dishes in a wine cellar, where guests have the opportunity to taste the best wines and home delicacies from local producers. A carefully selected list of dishes offered in our gourmet package includes prosciutto, ham, cheese, home-made pâté, cottage cheese spread, olives, cod spread, salted fish in marinade, bread, up to 5 schnapps and 5 types of wine.

We like to see our visitors and your guests laugh, while perceiving the simplicity of this experience. We are convinced that with joint efforts we can achieve an unforgettable experience for people that are in search of originality and added value. We will be very pleased if you would include us in your tourist offer of trips around Slovenia, the pearl of Europe. After all, the essence of our offer is to ensure benefit for all.

For more information please contact us by e-mail, and for the quickest answers directly from the renowned chef and founder of the Skaručna Gourmet Club call +386 51 666 566. We would like to thank you for taking your time to read our offer. We look forward to working with you.

Kind regards,

Marko Žagar, Skaručna Gourmet Club

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