Skaručna Gourmet Club

Welcome to the Slovenian cuisine

Would you like to enjoy the company of other gourmets over an unforgettable dinner and extend your culinary knowledge?

We recommend a visit to some of our main culinary events, each titled a Culinary Experience, which are organised by the Skaručna Gourmet Club.


A Culinary Experience is not an ordinary dinner or cooking lesson.

It is world-class cuisine combined with enjoyable learning and a social experience in a home-like atmosphere.

The flavours of excellent culinary heritage which is reflected on your plate are prepared both for and together with our guests.

You will most probably leave in good spirits, enriched by a unique experience as well as extended culinary knowledge, and full of new impressions.

Marko Žagar

Marko Žagar

 Enter into the world of fine cuisine, selected wines and relaxed socializing.

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